Safefall Inc. 
What Would You Do for a Safefall?  


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Playground or Pour-In-Place Installation for Your Commercial Property

At Safefall,  we install a wide variety of playground equipment, pour-in-place, and rubber mulch bundles for various commercial locations, such as offices and community parks. Whether your rubber flooring needs cleaning or priming, you can rely on us.

Complete Turnkey Solutions

We will do all necessary work to complete the job required. If you are unsure which flooring is suitable for your property’s needs, our knowledgeable team will suggest smart options that match the topography of your place. Our services include:

  • Existing Surface Removal 
  • Excavation 
  • Subbase Installation 

  • Stone Installation
  • Repair
  • Priming (For Faded Rubber Flooring)